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Jeff Cohen started Buckhead Midtown Vacuum in 1995, with the goal of providing the best service and product availability for the discerning Atlanta customer. Rick Alexander joined just a few years later and they partnered in a new appliance business, with the same goal and customer in mind. The store continues to attract customers who recognize that quality means longevity and reliability.

The Distinctive name reflects the quality of the products that are offered and the customer who appreciates them. The stores are a destination, with two great locations. Our online business, offers customers living outside of the metro area the best of our vacuum, air purifier and cleaning product lines.


With almost 20 years of experience in appliance and vacuum products, Jeff and Rick are considered experts in their field, especially in the Atlanta market. Members of their managerial staff and tech support team have been with the company more than 12 years. The stores continue to be one of the largest Miele dealers in the Southeastern United States and Rick and Jeff are often consulted by major manufacturers for their expertise.


Rick Alexander and Jeff Cohen


Quality repair services are important to our customers and we pride ourselves that vacuum repair services are available for all vacuum brands. All work is done in-house, with a normal turn-around time of 72 hours. We do warranty service and often provide trade-in allowances with new purchases. We also have parts for vacuum brands that we do not carry.




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